Optimize Data Collection Today, in order to remain competitive and provide consumers with the best products or prices, companies need a lot of valid data. Almost every company participates in data collection in some form. They focus on collecting the most accurate data that is critical to their business growth. Data extraction can include collecting data from websites to obtain price intelligence, scanning public records for legal knowledge, or scraping social media data. With many types of web data extraction, it can be difficult to know the most effective way to determine what you need for your operation. No matter what kind of data or amount of data needs to be collected, the most critical aspect is its accuracy.
How to Ensure The Accuracy of Information? With the increasing use of advanced technologies based on personalization today, you will not be able to collect the data you need like ordinary consumers. Different sites implement certain blocking techniques (once they recognize you) to limit your ability to crawl the information you need. These blocks include IP-based blocking technology, bot-based blocking technology, and so on. In order to ensure that you collect the correct data for your business, you need to make the network transparent again, which means that you allow you to browse the website like a normal consumer. Using a residential IP with the correct settings to target a city or country will allow you to overcome these obstacles with a transparent and true view. Allows you to collect the most accurate data.
High Quality Http/Socks Proxies
Collect The Most Accurate Data As a product manager in a fiercely competitive market space, you know that product pricing will send potential customers a signal about your brand image. Do you want to position it as the most valuable option or a luxury brand? Product pricing (especially compared to the pricing of similar brands) plays a huge role in shaping market perception. But how do you quickly and effectively find out where your competitors are charging and your position in the market?

Use Cases

Accurate Positioning Verification
Precisely target geographic location and verify ad localization
Market Research
Provide the ability to accurately analyze the global market
Proxies For Brand Protection
Flexproxy 30,000,000 Real IPs from Worldwide in the Pool to Escort Your Brand
Proxies For Affiliate Link Testing
Localized Link Testing Made Easy with Geo-targeted Residential Proxies
Fast Sneaker Proxies
Sneaker Proxies with Millions of IPs and Huge Concurrency Assist You in Purchasing Bulk Sneakers within Seconds.
Proxies For Craigslist
Posting Multiple Ads; Scraping Craigslist ; Collect data, Avoid Location Restrictions.
More Than 200 countries

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