Your Brand makes You Unique Your Brand makes You Unique. Companies and brands spend a massive amount of time and money creating a logo, idea, or product and an even more considerable amount of time creating a positive image. Protecting the integrity of a brand and its copyrighted data is something that all organizations duly follow. But the biggest challenges for companies are making sure that their products are protected from counterfeiting and ensuring their brand reputation.
How Do The Proxies Protect Brand? Detection. Brand protection services often attract web crawlers to collect data,which use proxies to hide their activity and prevent unwanted detection and signal tracking. Additionally, proxies hide your IP and facilitate the operations of web scrapers and crawlers. Mirror the activity as it would be performed by a standard, organic web user. Ultimately, data collected by web scrapers and crawlers help detect cases of brand abuse and pinpoint them to a specific source.
High Quality Http/Socks Proxies
Validation Enforcement Reporting Validation. In this process ensures data and data infringement validity,which helps detect authentic businesses and flag suspicious websites to the web scrapper and web crawler. Enforcement. This process helps eliminate any valid IP infringement cases occurring online.Reporting. Proxies present actionable and useful information that promotes brand protection awareness for your business and ensures the safety of its intellectual property.

Use Cases

Accurate Positioning Verification
Precisely target geographic location and verify ad localization
Market Research
Provide the ability to accurately analyze the global market
Proxies For Brand Protection
Flexproxy 30,000,000 Real IPs from Worldwide in the Pool to Escort Your Brand
Proxies For Affiliate Link Testing
Localized Link Testing Made Easy with Geo-targeted Residential Proxies
Fast Sneaker Proxies
Sneaker Proxies with Millions of IPs and Huge Concurrency Assist You in Purchasing Bulk Sneakers within Seconds.
Proxies For Craigslist
Posting Multiple Ads; Scraping Craigslist ; Collect data, Avoid Location Restrictions.
More Than 200 countries

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