Powerful Solution Use powerful proxy solutions to check advertisements on many applications and websites or entire ad networks. Verify and test your ad localization or customer tracking. Optimize the customer’s cost per conversion.Using real desktop and mobile IP addresses from any country or major city in the world, advertising verification can be run quickly, smoothly and on a large scale. For any advertising verification software, our anonymous residential agency is the highest quality solution.
It’s So Important to Ensure The Advertising Online Ensure integrity via residential IP’s. Eliminate fraud.DSP’s, SSP’s, AD servers, performance parketers and affiliate marketers understand that verifying their inventory and supply is part of the advertising landscape today. It has never been more essential to ensure online campaigns in terms of verifying affiliating links, validating the correct placement of ads on publisher websites and guaranteeing the absence of malware. Those who do take part in fraudulent acts are aware when their partners are accessing their site and feed them the wrong information accordingly.
High Quality Http/Socks Proxies
How To Detect Fraud and Malicious Activities? By imitating the real users in the country/region, city or even operator and ASN targeted by the campaign, you can ensure the accuracy of the campaign data you want to verify. Flexproxy provides the most extensive, fastest and most reliable residential proxy network in the world. By providing access to real user IP, you will be treated as a customer rather than a partner, and you can collect accurate advertising data to truly verify the compliance of global advertising and affiliate links.

Use Cases

Accurate Positioning Verification
Precisely target geographic location and verify ad localization
Market Research
Provide the ability to accurately analyze the global market
Proxies For Brand Protection
Flexproxy 30,000,000 Real IPs from Worldwide in the Pool to Escort Your Brand
Proxies For Affiliate Link Testing
Localized Link Testing Made Easy with Geo-targeted Residential Proxies
Fast Sneaker Proxies
Sneaker Proxies with Millions of IPs and Huge Concurrency Assist You in Purchasing Bulk Sneakers within Seconds.
Proxies For Craigslist
Posting Multiple Ads; Scraping Craigslist ; Collect data, Avoid Location Restrictions.
More Than 200 countries

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